The ability to plan to seize an opportunity, as well as to face a threat, passes through the possibility of accessing specific information and being within the right channels, such as mepa or reliable IT services. With this logic, the services listed below are precisely in support of companies that want to seize the opportunities of exporting their products or selling on different channels such as that of the public administration or even take advantage of the possibilities that communication tools offer. At the same time, addressing threats from poor privacy management or anticipating internal IT-related headaches can transform problems by turning them into unexpected management solutions. Last but not least, we believe that the service linked to the analysis of processes and cost centers is fundamental, also at times underestimated, which represents the basis for knowing from the inside and with specificity some crucial elements in the daily business choice.


Analysis of processes and cost centers

Does the production take place in the most efficient way or could I reduce the costs? There may be many questions that an entrepreneur should have an interest in answering, but too often the complex and chaotic business reality does not leave time for such analyzes, relegating them to a less important role.



Spazio Impresa, partner of several players who make exports their only mission, is at the forefront of supporting local businesses to take this long and fascinating path.

Servizi informatici

IT services

The availability of reliable IT services nowadays has become a determining factor for business growth and development.

Communication and Marketing

Having the maximum possible visibility for the company and its products is important, but there is a small detail: you have to know how to do it.

mercato pubblica amminsitrazione


Do I want to expand my business by participating in public tenders? Do I have the ability to offer my goods and services also to Public Administrations that is not only my municipality of residence?



Are everyone obliged to adapt their corporate practices and procedures to the privacy regulation 679/2016? Is it enough to create the classic information to be compliance and accountability? Today, compliance with privacy legislation is no longer standardized, but follows the principle of privacy by design.