Why participate in a funding opportunities? Have we noticed an opportunity for which our company could gain an advantage? But above all, have we ever participated in a funding opportunities?

Some of the questions to ask before embarking on the path of participation in a call define the possibility and the ability to participate. 

Concepts to consider
  1. We have a clear goal;
  2. The goal is measurable
  3. We know the market in which we operate;
  4. We meet the requirements to participate in the funding opportunities.

It is essential to clarify these specific concepts as the ability to make these perspectives real would create a good basis for the success of the objectives for which we participate in the funding opportunities.

resto al sud

Resto al Sud

Resto al Sud it's the financial instrument suitable for the creation of start - up and new businesses in our territory. In fact, it's aimed to a youthful age range, aimed at creating considerable advantages to the newbusinessman. 

Are you a young person between 18 and 45 years old? Do you have a business idea in the field of production activities and services to people? Do you live in one of the regions of southern Italy?

Do you want to develop an idea from zero and then take advantage of some economic benefits granted by the state? Do you also have a minimum of financial liquidity?

Measurable Concepts:
  • Requirements for access to the funding opportunities;
  • Minimum personal liquidity;
  • Structured business idea;
  • Existence of a market for the idea itself.

Accesso al Credito

Accesso al Credito it's one of the answers to our problems and through this service we will be able to balance our production cycle and find a solution to our financial balance.

Do I need liquidity for my company? Do I have problems with my cash? Have I never understood why my stocks fail to create added value?

Spesso quando, da imprenditore, ci poniamo queste domande siamo di fronte ad un problema finanziario. Infatti,  spesso per cercare di rilanciare la nostra attività abbiamo bisogno di liquidità.

Measurable Concepts:
  • We have had a financial decompensation;
  • We used the stock incorrectly;
  • We don't understand why the warehouse does not generate profits;
  • We support a balanced relationship with our financial institution.
Our technical partner is

Fondo Perduto

The Fondo Perduto it's the answer to developing the company's ideas but this concept should not be confused with corporate welfare. Thanks to this, Non-repayable funding are in fact often requested and obtained by healthy companies that develop their business.

Do I have a development and growth idea for my company, but i don't have the financial means to make it real or i don't have the structure to transform my company? As an businessman, I often perceive the possibility of being able to invest or offer my products to a new market but I am unable to analyze the probability and risk of the investment?

Measurable Concepts:
  • At the end of the year, we get a volume of business higher than our prospects;
  • We have a product with unique characteristics for a market that we don't serve;
  • My liquidity is not sufficient to make a new investment;
  • I do not have a unsuccessfull relationship with my credit institution.

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