Can I be competitive in prices with my competitors?

Does the production take place in the most efficient way or could I reduce the costs?

There may be many questions that an entrepreneur should have an interest in answering, but too often the complex and chaotic business reality does not leave time for such analyzes, relegating them to a less important role. Too bad they could make the difference between winning or losing in the long run! Some examples.

An incorrect estimate of even a few cents on large volumes could make a difference by allowing a company to be more competitive or otherwise to increase the profit margins of some products that I may decide to make useful rather than reinvest them in business improvements. 

Another crucial aspect that cascades down business success or failure is the determination of how a process is carried out. Let's take the case of the management of a call by an employee or by the entrepreneur himself. If they pin the contacts of a potential customer on a sheet of paper and then a gust of wind blows the sheet away, it is possible that we will never again feel the potential customer who will evaluate our company as not serious, potentially becoming a vehicle for negative publicity. Therefore the damage beyond the insult. Paying attention to these apparently trivial aspects, adopting the appropriate solutions can make the difference. 

Many others can be the cases but these two simple very elementary ones outline what most likely already happens in your business reality. For that Spazio Impresa through its consultants is at your disposal to support this process of analysis and continuous improvement of governance! 

Don't hesitate to invest in the future of your business!